Petition: tell government to make businesses come clean on food waste

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Halving food waste is one of the top three actions that individuals, companies and the government can take to tackle the climate emergency.

One big step towards this goal is for businesses to be open and transparent about what they waste so they can be held to account to take real action.

But despite many food businesses promising to publish their food waste figures, one and half years since their pledge most of them are still keeping their food waste data secret.

Left to their own devices, businesses have been dragging their heels on food waste, and that’s a big problem. Food waste in retail and catering has actually increased in the last 3 years – though estimates at catering may be wrong due to lack of industry reporting. We can’t set a target to reduce the UK’s farm food waste because we don’t even know how much of it there is.

The government’s waste and resources strategy said that it is considering legal requirements for businesses to report annually on their waste, and to adopt mandatory targets to halve food waste. That would be a huge step forwards.

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There’s no time to waste, on food waste or climate change. At the beginning of a decisive decade for the climate emergency, Feedback are pushing to keep food waste on everyone’s agenda by asking the Government to introduce mandatory reporting, and mandatory targets to put an end to food waste.

Sign the petition here.

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