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Yorkshire Water to develop 28 new solar sites

Yorkshire Water to develop 28 new solar sites

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Yorkshire Water is investing around £25 million into solar projects across its sites and facilities. The company has committed to developing, designing, building and operating a portfolio of 28 solar sites across Yorkshire, as part of it’s progress towards becoming net zero by 2030.

The first phase of solar deployments will generate a total capacity of approximately 23MW, and all electricity generated will be consumed on site by Yorkshire Water.

Daniel Oxley, Yorkshire Water commercial programme manager, said: “This project is a significant step in reaching our aims of carbon net zero by 2030. Due to changes in the treatment process at our sites over recent years, many have been left with surplus operational land which can be used for the generation of renewable energy.

“These have been identified and will become home to new solar panel arrays. Once completed, the first deployment of solar panels will generate 4% of our annual power needs, increasing our renewable energy use, reducing our exposure to energy price volatility and reducing the operational costs of our sites, which will provide better value for money for our customers.”

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Sean Moore, investment director at investment firm Downing LLP, who have partnered with Yorkshire Water on the project, commented: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Yorkshire Water for this solar project. By assisting a national utility company with its goal of reaching net zero by 2030, we are emphasising Downing’s commitment to responsible investing. It’s fantastic to support energy-intensive industries such as water companies making progressive strides to reduce their carbon footprint – something we whole-heartedly support.”

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